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What We Treat

We specialize in all forms of neurological rehabilitation including hard-to-treat balance and gait disorders (problems with walking), chronic and acute vertigo, back, spinal and all forms of pain, sports rehabilitation including most non surgical (and post surgical) orthopedic injuries, and many forms of integrative neurological rehabilitation that are traditionally not generally cared for well in an outpatient setting. We offer rehabilitation in our facility specifically because no other similar exists in the area for our patients. We feel the obligation to offer our patients a path to wellness and comprehensive neurological rehabilitation enables us to do all we can to see our patient's return to optimal health.

Gait, Balance and Vestibular Therapy

Few centers in the area focus on helping patients walk better, safer and more effectively. From pain related walking problems, to Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, arthritis and hip fractures and joint injuries we have extensive experience with helping you walk better, safer and with more success than many other area centers. 

We work closely with onsite ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) - Otolaryngology - to address all aspects of balance disorders and vertigo, whether acute or chronic to help relieve distress and enable a rapid, effective healing. 

Back, Spine and all forms of Pain Therapy


With a primary focus of our main practice being pain management, physical therapy and associated modalities form a core of our least invasive and one of our most effective strategies to help our patients combat all forms of pain.

As back and neck pain remain so common, and the spine forms the core of our bodies, working to heal injuries involving the lower, middle and upper back and neck can reap great rewards for our patients in pain. We have developed some of the most effective hands-on techniques for healing back pain and pain in all forms, including use of ultrasound, electrical stimulation, passive and active range of motion, use of paraffin, use of therapeutic hot and cold as well as extensive plans for strengthening and progressive, directed exercise programs. 

Physical Therapy means much more than our patients could ever do for themselves at home, and we generally see very positive results in our patients in as little as 3-5 visits.

Sports Rehab (knee/shoulder & other joints)


Whether someone has suffered a sprain or is recovering from a fracture, has an issue with tennis elbow or a nerve injury as such as carpal tunnel, ulnar neuropathy, plantar fasciitis or radiculpathy, our center can guide you into reduced pain and improved mobility and strength. 

Our team can help you regain use of an injured limb or joint and help you return to peak performance without complication. We specialize in rotator cuff, meniscal injuries and progressive weight bearing familiar with working with the very young to the elderly. 

Our team can help to restore strength and basic functioning, decrease or eliminate numbness and help to reduce hypersensitivity often seen with sports injuries doing all we can to return you to normal functioning where possible. 

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