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About Us

Our Neurorehabilitation team relies on a team effort to see you through to healing. Our highly experienced therapists work closely with the neurology practitioners to see a complete healing. Dr. Steiner for years ran one of New York City's Traumatic Brain Injury Unit as Medical Director with extensive experience with all aspects of Neurological Rehabilitation. Nowhere else on an outpatient basis outside of a hospital setting will you find such integrated multidisciplinary options for neurology rehab with such tight integration of practitioner and therapist setting you up for the greatest possible success in all areas of rehabilitation from gait disorders, weakness, coordination, vertigo and all forms of sports and pain related injuries and dysfunction.

Daniel Lerner Picture 2a DSCN0073.jpg
Daniel Lerner DPT

Licensed Physical Therapist


I think its extremely important to inspire and motivate my patients. I see in my day-to-day work just how important encouragement and optimism are in helping my patients recover. I continue to seek out workshops and programs to help advance my skills. I take tremendous satisfaction in seeing my patients improve and will always do my utmost to see my patients through to the highest level of functioning possible.

David Steiner MD

Neurological Rehabilitation Professional


At the core I’m looking to make a real difference in my patients lives and offer them true help. I can provide hope and optimism where other practitioners have left patients lost, confused and scared. There is truly no greater pleasure than in working with tenacity on a most difficult case and either achieving the right diagnosis or finding the treatment that provides relief.

Bella FLyer Pic 1a.jpg
Bella Shalamova FNP

Neurology & Physical Medicine


I truly enjoy the work I do on a day to day basis and feel very fortunate to be able to help so many people improve their lives. There is something very special in the world of medicine to be able diagnose and treat the illnesses patients experience and an exceptional satisfaction in helping patients overcome their difficulties.

Gila Flyer Pic 5a.jpg
Gila Henesch PA-C

Neurology & Physical Medicine


Throughout my career in medicine I have acquired extensive experience in both the culture and business of medicine. I always had a certain passion for the science of medicine and found my studies exciting. It’s been the goal of all my work to help prioritize patient care in both the practice and business of medicine. I take great satisfaction in helping patients and providers daily.

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